Tampa Solar Panel Installation Experts MC2 Solar Continuously Evolving with Improvement of Technology

MC2 Solar -Tampa Solar Panel Installation Experts-May 2016The owners, Keith Allman and Greg Gary, who have been running and overseeing successful businesses for more than 15 years, concur that their Florida-based MC2 Solar is an organization comprised of Tampa solar panel installation experts boasting a myriad of experience to their credit. With a proven record of accomplishment and a formidable reputation in the industry, MC2 Solar operates by a mantra that suggests “honesty in the only policy,” its representatives committing themselves to completing all projects within the timeline set by clients. The company has also evolved with the ongoing improvement of technology in the solar sector, utilizing the best of that technology as well as tools to ensure that all projects exude a sense of redefining attention to every conceivable detail.

“The rapid improvement in solar technology and the freefall in costs since early 2009 have transformed this industry,” says Allman. “Systems that were completely unaffordable or downright impractical just two years ago are now considered cost-effective; yet, it is not just costs that have changed – the solar panels that are available today are smaller, more effective and more robust than ever before. Additionally, efficiency levels are improving, notably in poor lighting conditions, as is product quality, as customers demand better product with longer warranty periods. When all these improvements are taken into consideration, it’s really no surprise that solar is making such great leaps forward, and we are thrilled to evolve with this landscape…a landscape that regularly proves how solar is the best and most cost-effective way to generate electricity.”

Allman and other MC2 solar panel installation experts point to research that suggests technology and the industry will continue to evolve at a similar pace over the coming years. In the next three years, to be more exact, it is believed that solar will become the cheapest way of generating electricity available, with many homes likely to see solar energy incorporated into more and more everyday objects such as laptop computers, mobile phones – even clothing. Meanwhile, far away from Florida, solar energy may perhaps cause a revolution for large areas of Asia and Africa, where entire communities currently have no access to electricity at all.

“While we concentrate on helping our Florida-based client roster, we’re well aware of how solar technology is evolving around the world,” adds Gary. “Even large-scale solar projects – entire solar power stations, capable of generating many megawatts of electricity – are now becoming feasible, with the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Mexico good examples of how photovoltaic power stations have been generating electricity for entire towns. In Spain, new giant thermo-solar power stations have devised new ways of not only generating electricity during the day but storing the sun’s energy so that it can be used for generating electricity overnight…and that is indeed something special.”

In the U.S., solar power that is clean, reliable and increasingly affordable is experiencing remarkable growth, with experts such as those associated with MC2 Solar pointing out solar power’s ability to generate electricity with no global warming pollution, no fuel costs and no risks of fuel price spikes. In fact, industry insiders such as Allman and Gary go so far to say that solar has the potential to help move the country toward cleaner, reliable and affordable sources of electricity.

Small-scale solar photovoltaic systems, typically on rooftops, account for the majority of solar installations while large-scale PV systems and concentrating solar power (CSP) setups constitute the majority of solar’s overall electricity-generating capacity,” both Allman and Gary conclude. “All three are undergoing rapid growth, and given the abundance of sunshine across the country – notably in our home state of Florida – solar power has the potential to supply a significant amount of electricity that is both environmentally and economically attractive. That’s something we have absolutely no problem evolving along with.”

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