MC2 Solar is the Solution for Low Cost Solar Panel Installation in Tampa

If you have decided to install a home solar power system to reduce your energy bills, the excitement of saving money long-term may be shadowed by the initial cost of the installation. In fact, this is a major reason many prospective solar panel users may hold back, so you are not alone.

Installing PV panels is indeed not a scenario for your coin jar. For the average homeowner, it is an upfront investment that sounds a bit intimidating. But so is your yearly electricity bill that does not offer you the privilege to pay it only when you’re ready. Unlike the decision to go to solar energy, one that you can just toy with, bills are unforgiving.

So let us put the installation cost in a better light for you to make the transition to renewable energy resources a little easier. First, we should emphasize that solar panels do not necessarily deserve this aura of inaccessibility, and much of it comes from misinformation. Homeowners may be surprised to find out that there are many ways to chip away at the cost of installation to bring it to a manageable level. They may also fall into a more positive state of mind when told that they can recuperate their initial investment in as little as 6.5 years. We have already explained in detail how this is possible.

First, a large part of the initial investment in solar electricity is written off by the federal solar tax credit that accounts for 30% of the installation cost. Furthermore, state incentives may come in the form of solar rebate programs. These two considerably offset the initial cost of installation. Also, low-interest loans may be an option that minimizes your initial investment even more.

Down the road, consider the fact that getting more solar power that your house needs – for instance when you are not at home – means that you can sell the extra power to the grid, earning rather than spending money. This consideration is the reason vacation homes are good contenders for PV panel installations, ending up generating income with extra solar electricity.

But here is one more important point that has to do with us. As successful owners of businesses in other areas tangent with improving homes, we have practiced for years the art of finding cheaper solutions to expensive projects without compromising on quality. Part of it understands that price is the main restricting factor when undertaking such a project. Partis experience and exercised skills.

As a Florida resident, you do not have the privilege of just “toughening up” and enduring the humid heat. Air conditioning is a way of life in the Sunshine State, and so are the unpleasant moments when you read your energy bills. Using solar panels may be just the solution to your never-ending energy cost problem. So call us if you are interested in low cost solar panel installation in Tampa and want to find a solution for your home.

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