Home Energy Review

Evaluate your home’s current energy use to find out how to improve energy efficiency. This energy review will help you make decisions to manage your energy costs and make wise energy improvements.After determining the efficiency of your home, we’ll give suggestions on how to improve your energy efficiency.

How it works

An energy review is a comprehensive assessment of a house’s performance. Specially trained contractors, we’ll call them energy auditors, look at all components of a home – exterior doors, insulation, windows, heating and cooling, refrigeration and lighting – and show you how to maximize energy efficiency. An energy auditor is a modern day Sherlock Holmes, using observation and science to diagnose home performance issues. The amount of time required for the energy review depends on the size of your home and the complexity of your current energy usage, ranging from an hour to five hours.

The final product contains a snapshot of the current condition of the house and current energy usage, recommendations to improve comfort and reduce energy usage, and a financial breakdown of financial costs and savings. The report includes enough information to help you make decisions on which recommendations, if any, to pursue.

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