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Tampa’s MC2 Solar Explains the Benefits of Net Metering for Florida Homeowners

Solar energy systems that use net metering help conserve power, lower energy bills and minimize maintenance costs.

mc2-solar-energyMC2 Solar, a solar power energy company that has emerged as one of Florida’s best, advises Floridians to take advantage of net metering in order to lower their electricity bills and solar installation costs. A process that allows homeowners to manage the use of their solar energy better, net metering introduces a refreshing change in roles by turning solar panel owners into temporary energy suppliers for their utility company.

Through net metering, the energy surplus produced by a grid-connected system is sent back to the utility in exchange for financial credits. This means that the power generated in excess pays for future consumption. Designed with energy conservation in mind, the mechanism helps avoid waste and eliminate unnecessary costs by allowing homeowners to take advantage of all the power produced by their home solar panel systems.

Net metering is a welcome departure from the one-directional billing system, and homeowners find it refreshing to “bill” their utility company when generating more power than they use. This winning mechanism is supported by the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) at the federal level, but some states are making the process more user-friendly than others through incentives and less red tape.

“In the past, Florida has received accolades for offering a stimulating legal background for net metering,” says Keith Allman, the owner of MC2 Solar. “The power sent back to the grid from Florida solar systems is credited to the next electricity bill at retail rates. Excess generation is carried forward for up to 12 months. After this interval, the utility pays the customers for the remaining energy surplus at lower than retail rates, which is still an attractive benefit of what would otherwise be wasted energy.”
The savings that homeowners enjoy through net metering accelerate the process of catching up with the solar panel installation costs. It is not only that homeowners avoid hefty electricity bills, but in the process, they become more aware of their real energy needs and consumption. An additional benefit comes into play before any solar-generated power is produced. Because the energy surplus from the solar power roofing system is sent back to the utility, there is no need for installing a battery bank. In addition, expensive, short-lived and high-maintenance back-up generators are rendered unnecessary by connecting to the grid. In fact, the solar panels and a DC to AC power converter are the only components that a grid-tied system needs.

Allowing the utility company to take over the functions of the on-site battery means that no time limits are imposed on the power generated in excess. With an on-site battery bank, the storage capacity is limited and the stored energy available for only a few days. By contrast, a grid-tied solar panel system can generate power in the summer and use it in the winter. This neutralizes seasonal fluctuations in energy consumption and costs and extends solar energy benefits to the low-generation periods.

About MC2 Solar

Based in and serving the Tampa, Florida area, MC2 Solar is the brainchild company of Keith Allman and Greg Gary, who have been successful in business for over 15 years. The MC2 Solar team dynamically fuses the most technologically-advanced solar panels with the leading micro-inventors of the solar-powered world, and includes an install group led by a master electrician who trains others in photo voltaic installation and electrical engineering processes. Through an unyielding commitment to efficient, clean energy and quality customer service, MC2 Solar guarantees its clients that they will be thrilled with their decision to join the solar movement and start saving the planet.

As a top-of-the-line solar service provider with the experience and expertise to provide its clients’ home or business with premium solar panel installations, MC2 Solar oversees the entire process from start to finish, providing a single point of contact and continued support after the sale and installation is complete. If clients have any questions before, during or after the installation process, the company is always there to answer them and, what’s more, if there are concerns that a solar panel isn’t operating correctly, representatives are always available to fix it.

MC2 Solar is located at 2906 West Swan Avenue in Tampa, and can be reached by calling (813) 475-6513. For more information, visit or email

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