Tampa Solar Power Company Explains How Nature Plays a Role in the Efficiency of Solar Panels

Good planning can minimize the effect of weather and other environmental conditions on solar panel systems.

Homeowners who contemplate investing in residential solar power panels often worry about the effect that weather or other environmental factors have on the efficiency of these systems. Shade, clouds, lightning, precipitations and cold weather are all inevitable occurrences that may influence the energy output, but the effect may be surprising, explains MC2 Solar, a Tampa-based solar energy company. “It is usually assumed that solar panels need direct sunlight in order to function,” explains Keith Allman, the MC2 Solar owner. “While unobstructed sunlight is optimal for solar energy systems, photovoltaic panels simply use natural light to produce energy. It is true that shade may significantly reduce the energy output, but it is photons in natural light – whether direct or indirect – that are transformed into energy.”

mc 2 solar panel company tampa floridaIn fact, occasional shade is unavoidable. During overcast days, the sunlight is partially blocked, yet the panels successfully use the light reflected by the clouds. However, this does not mean that the specific placement of the solar panels should not be considered. In shade, their efficiency may be slashed by more than a third. In addition, solar panels work best in conditions that are somehow consistent. If the solar power roofing system is installed in the shade of a large tree that completely or partially obscures the light during some parts of the day, the periodic change in direct sunlight availability may shorten the life of the panels. This is because of the imbalance produced in the system that causes some of the cells to overwork.

How about cold weather? While this is not a problem for Florida solar energy systems, homeowners are often surprised to learn that cold is actually good for solar panel cells. Since panels use light rather than heat to create energy, heat only plays an ambient role in the energy production. In addition, cold temperatures help PV cells function more efficiently and prevent them from overheating.

Precipitations should not worry homeowners with residential solar energy panels. Rain washes the panels, removes grime and dust, and keeps them clean for proper functioning. Snow is surprisingly good for energy output, since it reflects light and, together with the cold temperatures, it increases the efficiency of the system. Snow-covered panels may indeed lead to a stop in energy production, but this situation is usually temporary, and losses can be balanced out by net metering credits. While solar panels do not make lightning strikes more likely, lightning can damage them. To prevent this, the system must be well designed and prepared. An external lightning protection system, as well as surge protection and good grounding can minimize the risk of panel damage from lightning strikes. Considering all the factors that contribute to the efficiency of solar panels is an important stage in planning the installation. MC2 Solar analyzes the specifics of each situation and builds a strategy for optimal energy output and safe functioning.

About MC2 Solar

Based in and serving the Tampa, Florida area, MC2 Solar is the brainchild company of Keith Allman, who has been successful in business for over 15 years. The MC2 Solar team dynamically fuses the most technologically-advanced solar panels with the leading micro-inventors of the solar-powered world, and includes an install group led by a master electrician who trains others in photo voltaic installation and electrical engineering processes. Through an unyielding commitment to efficient, clean energy and quality customer service, MC2 Solar guarantees its clients that they will be thrilled with their decision to join the solar movement and start saving the planet.

As a top-of-the-line solar service provider with the experience and expertise to provide its clients’ home or business with premium solar panel installations, MC2 Solar oversees the entire process from start to finish, providing a single point of contact and continued support after the sale and installation is complete. If clients have any questions before, during or after the installation process, the company is always there to answer them and, what’s more, if there are concerns that a solar panel isn’t operating correctly, representatives are always available to fix it.

MC2 Solar is located at 2906 West Swan Avenue in Tampa, and can be reached by calling (813) 475-6513. For more information, visit www.MC2Solar.info or email Keith@MC2Solar.info.

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