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MC2 Solar of Tampa Offers Financing for Solar Panel Installations

Tampa homeowners who want to install solar energy panels without a major upfront investment can now enjoy the financing options offered by leading company MC2 Solar.

mc 2 solar panel installationIn the last few years, solar power systems have emerged not only as a cheaper alternative to fossil fuel consumption, but also as a viable financial investment. While the benefits of installing residential solar panels are more evident as the industry grows and installation costs plummet, homeowners’ initial reluctance is still there. After all, this is no small project and upfront costs can sound a bit intimidating to the ear of the financially responsible homeowner.

MC2 Solar, one of Florida’s best solar power companies that offers affordable installations, meets this concern by offering its customers financing options. This opens their business to a larger segment of homeowners who lack the cash to invest in solar energy or who simply prefer to pay for the installation over time. “While solar panels give you a great return on investment, first comes the investment,” says Keith Allman, the owner of MC2 Solar. “We know that upfront costs are what feeds homeowners’ indecision when considering residential solar technology, so we now offer financing for customers with a 650 Beacon score or better. This takes away the stress of parting with a large sum of cash all at once and allows homeowners to pay for the installation as they already start to save money on energy bills.”

Considering that homeowners who install solar panels can immediately see a drop in energy bills, financing helps them pay the costs while enjoying the benefits. From the very first month, money that is saved on energy bills can be redirected towards paying the solar panel system, making its price more palatable. “Installing solar panels is a wise financial step, and we feel good about offering this opportunity to more homeowners,“says Allman. “The return on investment is significant, even faring better than traditional financial options such as stocks, bonds and CDs. So, while we are a solar power company, we help in more than one way. Our panels free homeowners from the influence of utility companies, offer them a sound form of financial investment and do their part in turning to cleaner energy resources.”

Numbers back up the optimism of MC2 Solar. According to the 2016 Cost vs. Value Report, installing a solar power roofing system increases the value of a house more than home improvements projects such as bathroom remodels or master suite additions, and has a ROI close to 100%. In addition, utility rates are expected to increase with up to 83% over the life of a solar panel system, which creates even more saving opportunities for their owners. Finally, taking advantage of net metering allows homeowners to get bill credits for the extra energy sent back to the grid. Adding these financial gains to incentives such as federal solar tax credits and solar rebate programs at state level shows that solar panels are in fact more accessible than most homeowners believe. The financing option offered by MC2 Solar to Florida customers is just another reason to believe that it is costlier not to invest in solar energy than it is to take the plunge.
About MC2 Solar

Based in and serving the Tampa, Florida area, MC2 Solar is the brainchild company of Keith Allman and Greg Gary, who have been successful in business for over 15 years. The MC2 Solar team dynamically fuses the most technologically-advanced solar panels with the leading micro-inventors of the solar-powered world, and includes an install group led by a master electrician who trains others in photo voltaic installation and electrical engineering processes. Through an unyielding commitment to efficient, clean energy and quality customer service, MC2 Solar guarantees its clients that they will be thrilled with their decision to join the solar movement and start saving the planet.

As a top-of-the-line solar service provider with the experience and expertise to provide its clients’ home or business with premium solar panel installations, MC2 Solar oversees the entire process from start to finish, providing a single point of contact and continued support after the sale and installation is complete. If clients have any questions before, during or after the installation process, the company is always there to answer them and, what’s more, if there are concerns that a solar panel isn’t operating correctly, representatives are always available to fix it.

MC2 Solar is located at 2906 West Swan Avenue in Tampa, and can be reached by calling (813) 475-6513. For more information, visit or email

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