Florida-Based MC2 Solar Shows How Solar Power Panels Bring Homeowners Ever Increasing Return on Investment

With rising utility rates and a dramatic drop in installation costs, residential solar power panels save homeowners more money every year.

Smart investors look at bonds, stocks and CDs in order to multiply their finances, yet solar panels often perform better. Taking a careful look at the numbers, MC2 Solar, one of Florida’s best clean energy companies, advises its customers to look beyond electricity costs and to consider residential solar technology an option in their financial investment plans. “Solar panels are not only a way to break free from the influence of the utility company, but a low-risk financial investment,” says Keith Allman, the owner of MC2 Solar. “Minimal-maintenance systems, combined with plummeting installation costs and the constant availability of solar power, all lead to a new form of investment with few unknowns and fast payback.”

mc2-solar-renewable-energy-residential-solar-panelsThe numbers are telling. In Florida, putting money into a photovoltaic power system brings homeowners a better ROI than a 30-year treasury bond yield and multiplies the APY of the top 5-year CDs. While many still consider installing solar panels a luxury, it becomes more evident each year that not having them costs more. Most homeowners turn to solar energy in an attempt to lower their electricity bills and enjoy free solar power after they pay off their initial investment. In Florida, MC2 Solar shows that upfront cost amortization can take as little as 6.5 years, after which free solar-generated power allows for virtual energy independence. According to a report entitled “Going Solar in America: Ranking Solar’s Value to Consumers in America’s Largest Cities” published by NC Clean Energy Technology Center, utility rates are expected to go up 33%-83 % over the typical 25-year life of a solar panel system. Every time rate hikes threaten the grid-dependent energy consumer, photovoltaic systems save more money and turn into even better investments. With many factors to account for fluctuations in energy rates, from fuel shortages to political unrest, freedom from uncertainty caused by volatile prices is itself a non-monetary return on investment. In addition, installing solar panels increases the value of a house, with a ROI approaching or reaching 100%. Considering that projects such as bathroom remodels or deck additions have a return on investment of around 57%, adding a solar power roofing system looks like a wiser financial option.

Granted, each state and city is different, due to different solar policies, incentives, regulations and requirements. When calculating their return on investment, homeowners should take into account other factors, from the time-of-use system possibly implemented by their utility, to the shade cast on their roof by trees or buildings. Taking advantage of net metering, a pay mechanism that allows homeowners to send their excess power back to the grid in exchange for bill credit, is another component in a plan for faster payback. However, in most states, including Florida, the amount of money saved over the life of a PV system reaches the realm of tens of thousands. Considering all these factors, an individualized quote is the best way to calculate the return on investment for each solar power roofing system.

About MC2 Solar

Based in and serving the Tampa, Florida area, MC2 Solar is the brainchild company of Keith Allman and Greg Gary, who have been successful in business for over 15 years. The MC2 Solar team dynamically fuses the most technologically-advanced solar panels with the leading micro-inventors of the solar-powered world, and includes an install group led by a master electrician who trains others in photo voltaic installation and electrical engineering processes. Through an unyielding commitment to efficient, clean energy and quality customer service, MC2 Solar guarantees its clients that they will be thrilled with their decision to join the solar movement and start saving the planet.

As a top-of-the-line solar service provider with the experience and expertise to provide its clients’ home or business with premium solar panel installations, MC2 Solar oversees the entire process from start to finish, providing a single point of contact and continued support after the sale and installation is complete. If clients have any questions before, during or after the installation process, the company is always there to answer them and, what’s more, if there are concerns that a solar panel isn’t operating correctly, representatives are always available to fix it.

MC2 Solar is located at 2906 West Swan Avenue in Tampa, and can be reached by calling (813) 475-6513. For more information, visit or email

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