Our solar panels are recognized as the industry standard in quality. We stringently control the entire manufacturing process, ensuring high performance in each and every panel. Every solar panel undergoes quality checks during every second of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing exceptional power performance for at least the next 25 years. We have never had a product recalled in our entire history.

We flash-test then plus-sort our solar panels, which is a fancy way of saying we do everything we can to ensure the greatest energy yield, delivering more power to you. Our solar panels are designed, tested and manufactured with attention to every detail. The result: maximum energy output for your solar investment.

In the real world, it rains, it snows (well, not so much in Tampa Florida) and the wind blows. Our panel design is artfully configured to increase performance during decades of exposure to real-world conditions. This is exactly why our solar panels are actively converting sunlight to energy all over the world— on farms, in parking lots and even in national parks.

Solar cells are the engines that power solar panels, which is why we don’t trust anyone else to make them for us. To guarantee peak performance and reliability, we apply our stringent quality requirements on all our materials, then we manufacture our own solar cells right here in the U.S. Call us control freaks, but our proprietary components and processes consistently exceed industry standards.

Many companies claim to have higher power solar panels, yet they are rarely available to the average homeowner. With the capacity to produce more than 500 MWs of our highpowered cells and assemble more than 350 MWs of our highquality panels, we know we can deliver what we promise.

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